Technician with Broken Screen

iPhone Repair

We offer Premium quality parts. We offer but are not limited to fixing Cracked screens, Button issues, Battery Replacement, Microphone issues, Bad charging port, and much more. 

Computer Repairs

We offer the best quality services like Data recovery, Virus removal, Spyware removal, OS optimizing, Screen repair, overheating issues, Booting problems to name a few. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Console Repair

We repair most popular gaming consoles. We fix problems like, Hard Drive repair, HDMI repair, over heating and much more. 

Image by John Schnobrich

Free Diagnostics

We provide a Free Diagnostic service. Our expert Techs will find out what is wrong and guide you to a repair that suits your computers,iPads, or iPhones needs. 

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Tablet Repairs

We always offer Premium parts for our repairs like Cracked screens, Battery replacement, Bad Audio, Microphone problems, Bad charging ports, Jammed buttons and much more. 

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Our experience techs will do soldering repairs like HDMI soldering to the motherboard and power jack just ask about our service!